Burning Man 2015 : Glowing Bikes!

Its been a while….it says on the strap line ‘infrequent blogger’…well one post every year seems to be more than I can manage at the moment.

Anyway, its time to share some blinky things from this years Burning Man!

First up, is our glowing bikes. This year we didn’t have much time for self decoration as we were working on our art installation, but we couldn’t go without getting a little bit glammed up so we threw this together for our bikes:

More photos after the break…

Not the best video, we had better looking bikes, and we even took video of them, but we can’t for the life of us find the video now.

The setup was pretty simple really, a Trinket Pro running a FastLED based sketch showing the excellent Demo Reel that comes with the library. I said we didn’t have much time, we literally threw this together the night before we left on the long haul to the desert.

We powered these with 6v lantern batteries through a small voltage regulator to take them down to 5v. We could probably have done without the regulator, especially as two of them melted down during the week.

Why is powering LED stuff always such a nightmare?