About Me

I have been a coder for almost as long as I can remember. I started out on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum which oddly enough was as old as I was at the time. I was lucky enough to have a grandfather who was learning assembly programming and an uncle who had been an accomplished Acorn Archimedes developer. These two ensured I grew up with a computer in my life at all times, and gave me the direction needed to become completely hooked.

I now consider myself a reasonably experienced software developer, with a focus these days on web development and electronics hardware. I simply cannot be without a project of some kind or other, and usually I’ll have 2 or 3 on the go at once. While I focus most of my professional energies on web development (PHP, JavaScript, node.js etc), I also like to spread my experience around which I think makes me a more rounded developer with insights that I otherwise would not have. As a result I’ve dabbled in all aspects of web development, front and back-end, Android development, PIC Microcontroller programming, 3D Graphics (Unity3D, and home grown attempts) and a variety of other platforms and technologies too numerous to remember or mention.

More recently I founded CWD Software Ltd in early 2011. The company primarily focused on Android development and contracting work to pay the bills. While running the company I created a web application called CircuitBee which allowed the rendering of electronic schematics in the web browser using HTML5 Canvas. This was the most major undertaking of my career thus far and consisted of a vast amount of JavaScript and PHP development. Thankfully it paid off and I ultimately sold the company to SupplyFrame. This was an ideal move for me since I had reached the extent of my capabilities to market the product, and a move out to California and away from the dreary English countryside was a welcome bonus.

I now live in Redondo Beach, California and have adapted to the big angry ball of fire thats in the sky 9 months of the year, and am beginning to lose my pasty English complexion. I am now working at SpaceX primarily developing the user interfaces for the manned Crew Dragon capsule which will take astronauts to the ISS sometime in 2017. Besides work, I dabble in hobbyist electronics and various forms of art in my free time when I’m not busy with one of my multitude of programming projects.

What is going to be on this site?

Well, if my past history is anything to go by, then probably not a lot. Expect infrequent updates about random things whenever I can tear myself away from whatever it is I’m building at the moment.

Can I contact you?

Sure, I’m pretty easy to find online in various places. But you can most easily and reliably reach me via email on ben@delarre.net